We offer scalable, smart and tailored AR-enabled solutions

SmARt avatar

Give your chatbot a face and body to increase rapport with your audience by enabling a powerful interaction layer that allows your customers to interact via advanced voice commands and responses.

Immersive entertainment

Our partnership with Ubisoft is a testament to our ability to bring the latest in immersive experiences. We put you inside the game!

3D visualization

Get your products closer to your customers with an interactive 3D layer to enhance the online buying experience

Next-gen activations

Attracting audiences to a new location or event can be a challenge but with our proven track record in creating location-based AR activations, you’ll have a stampede on your hands!

Remote training

Increase productivity by allowing your workforce to be trained by anyone from anywhere in the world with digital instruction overlays


Making learning more fun and engaging can be a challenge. Our proven results in enabling education with our interactive augmented reality books showed that students can have a more personalized and tailored experience. In fact, it was so successful it got us a grant from MIT!

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