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Challenge: Sony wanted to showcase their new Xperia flagship phone with its various technological features while also attracting a maximum number of consumers to their stand at Mall of the Emirates over a 10 day activation period.
Solution: pixelbug created a unique interactive live augmented reality experience with actual Sony game characters Ratchet and Clank. Two stations were created where visitors could play simultaneously; a shooting game involving the use of the phone’s swiping feature while the other used its gyroscope to control a space ship. Once a player completed one of the two games within 60 seconds, they were instructed to drop the Sony Xperia phone into a bucket of water to upload their score to a leader-board via the phone’s NFC feature. This action also highlighted the phone’s unique waterproof capabilities. The application kept track of the top 10 scores from both stations and at the end of each day, a Sony Xperia phone was given away as a prize to the top scorer.

Services Rendered: storyboarding, 3D character animation, character rigging, custom game development, setup ochestration, hardware sourcing, on-site support.

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