Project Description


Challenge: Citibank wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to use their recently revamped online banking portal. They also wanted to use new and innovative technologies to convey the message “Banking can be such a thrill” and increase engagement with their stakeholders.

Solution: pixelbug developed the first Leap Motion activation in the MENA region that allowed participants to make a transaction by using only their finger, through an exact replica of Citibank’s online portal. Participants were challenged to finish the transaction in the fastest time possible by using either one of 2 available interaction stations. Participants were then ranked on a consolidated leaderboard where the winner would have the chance of winning a Leap Motion device. Before finishing the challenge, participants were prompted to take a picture. Their face was then automatically cropped to fit a skydiver’s image which could then be shared on social media; driving home the message that “banking can be such a thrill”.

Services Rendered: concept strategy, Leap Motion integration, UI/UX design, 3D modeling and animation, SFX, gamification, photo capture.

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